The ecommerce settings page contains global settings used on the ecommerce site. This means that any change in the settings page will affect all content on the site, so be careful.

Enable webshop

Enables or disables the webshop on the site. Use if there is a need to shut down all functionality.

Rewrite STORM image Urls to local

Product images are served from the storm cdn, checking this box rewrites the image urls to that they would appear to be coming from the hth site.

Currency format

This is a .NET format string used to format prices on the site. Talk to a developer before changing this.

Currency name

This is the name of the currency that is displayed on the site.

Product lists paging size

The number of items that will be loaded when the user clicks on the "load more" button on a product listing page.

Product list items per row

The number of items per row that are displayed on the product list page.

Fallback image

The fallback image is used as a replacement when a product image can not be found.


The % of the image that should be used for white padding. The idea is to give the product images a more "airy" feel by adding padding on them.

Shop root page

The main ecom page, usually called shop.

Fallback category page

When a product is unable to find a matching category in episerver the url to the product will point to the fallback category.

Default product template

This is the product template used on the site. If no product template is found below a product listing page this is the one that will be used.

Cart lightbox page

This should point to the page that will be opened in a modal when the user clicks on a "add to cart" button.

Checkout start page

Should point to the first step in the checkout. If we would ever create a new checkout flow this property would need to be edited to point to the new startpage.

Checkout thank you page

When the user as completed the payment procedure and is redirected back to the site, this is the page he or she will be redirected to.

Faq page

Not used

Store modal page

The modal page that is displayed when a user wants to select a store.

Cart conflict modal page

The modal page that is displayed when a user has a cart conflict on the cart page.

Terms and conditions page

The page that contain the terms and conditions for the site. Ths link to this page is displayed on the last step in the checkout flow.

Variant thumbnail blocks

More info needed.

Routing root pages

The pages and their children are used in the routing of the product urls. This means that if a product category is found in any of thees pages (and children) the url will point to the correct category. The idea is that a product should only have one home, so if one would create a "christmas special" category the product would still be located on the main category, and no under the /christmas-special/productname. The reason for this is that google does not like duplicate content, and that bookmarks made to products below temporary cartegories would quickly become obsolete.

Delivery methods

Contains a list of blocks that holds the settings for individual delivery methods.


Contains a list of the available badges on the site. To create a badge - create an e-commerce badge block and add the image and the badge id. Talk to a developer to find out how badge ids are set.

Ecom support email

The support email for the ecom site.

Ecom support phone

The support phone number for the ecom site.

Available variants page

Should point to the page that contain information for the available variants modal that is displayed on the product page when a user triggers the modal.

Pick up in store thank you email template

This email template will be used when a user as completed an order and is sent an email.

Home delivery thank you email template

This email template will be used when a user as completed an order and is sent an email.

DimensionX for Variant 1,2,ProductId

Used in tracking with google analytics. Talk to a developer before changing this.

Livechat license id

The account id for the livechat functionality

Same-day delivery deadline hour

More info needed

Next day delivery pickup hour

More info needed

Hours added when same-day delivery

More info needed

Days added when not all

More info needed

Displayed friendly freight when no postal code entered

More info needed